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All animals are living, feeling creatures who might suffer. Enjoy vegan meals to tackle climate change. People, animals and the environment. 
Organiser Representative of the European Citizens' Initiative VEGAN MEAL
Paola Sgarbazzini Organiser Representative of the European Citizens's Initiative for VEGAN MEAL 
When I eat fruit and vegetables, I feel lightness and strenght. Thanks to mother nature that gives us the best energy with plant-based food!  
Organiser of the European Citizens' Initiative for VEGAN MEAL
Nora Paglionico Organiser of the European Citizens' Initiative for VEGAN MEAL
The debate around the food system continues to grow. Realistically, we are no longer at the stage where we can ignore science. Food system transition towards a sustainable choice, meaning vegan and ethical food system, must be an integral part of addressing the climate crisis.  
Green REV Institute
Morgan Janowicz Coordinator of Future Food 4 Climate Green REV Institute
Hello everyone! I'm Tony Curcio, president of AVI International Vegan Association and of CADAPA Anti-Specist Committee for the Defense of Animals and the Protection of the Environment. We absolutely support the Vegan Meal initiative because humans, the environment and animals need this change. Supporting this initiative is not only a recognition of ourselves in this project but also a sign of civilization and development for all humanity. 
AVI Associazione Vegani Internazionale
Tony Curcio President of AVI International Vegan Association and CADAPA Anti-Specist Committee for the Defense of Animals and the Protection of the Environment
Animal agriculture contributes 17% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, is one of the main causes of biodiversity loss, is responsible for killing more than 80 billion animals a year and is the cause of many human diseases. Providing vegan options would be climate education put into practice. 
Anna Spurek
Anna Spurek Board Member of the Green REV Institute
Animal agriculture is a leading cause of climate change. Climate over taste. Meat means ecocide. Our food choices have devasted the planet. Killing animals is killing the planet. Vegan for the planet. Climate over profit, stop subsiding animal agriculture. Watch seaspiracy save the oceans.
It is important to support and share the European Citizens' Initiative Vegan Meal to ensure a future for the planet, for human kind and for all animals.
Alessio Nanni
Alessio Nanni President of Occupy Italy Animals ovd and Partito EcoAnimalista. Member of the European Citizens's Initiative for VEGAN MEAL 
We are a small student association from Brussels, dedicated to raise awareness about the animal cause and respect for biodiversity. We support the ECI « Vegan Meal » because animals, nature and humans crucially need to change the way we eat and live in a more sustainable and ethical way. We are convinced that it is initiatives like this that can contribute to this change.
ARBA USaint-Louis
ARBA ARBA USaint-Louis
Certainly, you are welcome to add Climate Healers as partner of the European Citizens' InItiative VEGAN MEAL in the European Union. Please feel free to also use our expension of VEGAN as Vitality Engaged Guardians of Animals and Nature.  
Climate Healers
Climate Healers climatehealers.org
Viva! – Vegan is a State of Kind. Helping you to go vegan and be a champion for animals.
We are activists that use their Time, Energy and Heart to be THEIR voice. The voice of those without voice. The animals.
POWER TO THE GRAMMAS! climatehealers.org                                            Milion Vegan Grandmothers                    PROTECT ALL ANIMALS, PEOPLES AND MOTHER EARTH  
Climate Healers
Milion Vegan Grandmothers climatehealers.org
Living vegan is a path of awareness that leads to respect all the animals, but it is also a choice that each of us should adopt if we care about the protection of the environment and our own health. 
OIPA International
OIPA International International Organization for Animal Protection NGO associated with the UN Department of Global Communications (DGC) the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and accredited at UN Environment Assembly (UNEA) Registration in the Register of Representatives of Interest of the European Commission
Unfortunately horses are only appreciated by humans as long as they are useful. The horse that is lame, sick, old or with some characteristic that makes it useless is generally abandoned or taken to the slaughterhouse. For 22 years we have been rescuing horses that have been used and abused. Choose a vegan alternative..
Protectora de caballos A.D.E.
Leonor Diaz de Liaño  Protectora de caballos A.D.E.
I think I have to say that I agree with the principle of being vegan because I don't understand why we torture and kill animals for: eating meat, wearing real fur.
Animal protection. Vegan food.
APS Agribizzarra Onlus

Hello! We sign as Vegan Life NGO. 

Έλλη Στούρνα

Elli Stourna, Vegan Life NGO Co-founder / Media & Communications Manager 

We encourage those who are not yet vegan to see the value in animals’ lives, become aware of the reality of animal exploitation in today’s world, and recognize the benefits of switching to a vegan lifestyle.. We contribute to a thriving vegan community by highlighting positive changes taking place, inspire people to become active in effecting change, and amplifying the work of activists, animal sanctuaries, and vegan organisations through collaboration.
VEGAN FTA Non-profit Organisation
There is not planet B. Factor farming means ecocide. Respect planet and animal rights. Discover the 80,000 edible plants and enjoy fruit! Plant trees and become a fruit tree keeper!!! 
Amigos de la Nturaleza
Amigos de lo Natural Asociación Amigos de lo Natural Proyecto Amigos de la Naturaleza
en colaboración con ESPERANTA NATURAMIKOJ Partner Organization en España de IFN International Friends of Nature - Naturfreunde Wien
We help people to free themselves personally and from bills because they are souls attentive to ecology, savings and aware aspirants just like us and this cannot exempt us from sharing the vegan choice as the first concrete act towards the above issues. Thanks to European Citizens' Initiative VEGAN MEAL for the effort made and that we will be able to enjoy in the various cities where this wonderful initiative will start.
Consapevolmente Space Brescia
Luca Nicolini Consapevolmente Space Brescia
The debate on the food system continues to grow. Realistically, we are no longer at the stage where we can ignore science. Food system transition towards a sustainable choice, meaning a vegan and ethical food system, must be an integral part to tackle the climate crisis. 
Damiano Mozzoni
Damiano Mozzoni Author - Hygiene Movement Activist
The European Citizens' Initiative for Vegan Meal is not a maximalist initiative: it simply aims at claiming the right to choose, i.e. being able to find the vegan alternative in a food supply business (bar, restaurant, etc.). This is why I consider it a "common sense" proposal, an initiative that can  also involve those who do not want to break away from carnivorous nutrition. After all, it is only a matter of recognizing ourselves a right, without harming anyone else's choice.
Natale Salvo President of Sinistra Libertaria and Coordinator for Fronte Ampio
On April 5, a very interesting initiative will start at European level and if it has the considerable consensus, it will be very effective and finally we vegans too will be able to be free to find our food almost everywhere without feeling marginalized. Let me allow to highlight the importance of vegan nutrition at all levels and ages. I have been vegan for ten years due to ethical reasons, but it is important to be so for our planet and consequently for our future.
Hi everyone, I'm Massimiliano Brandimarte, a small producer of raw vegan Sublime Delight sweets, here I would like to give my full support to the Europen Citizens' Initiative VEGAN MEAL.
Massimiliano Brandi
Massimiliano Brandimarte Raw Vegan Pastry Chef - Sublime Delight

Why choose Vegan? Mainly for those who say they love animals to dissociate themselves from the horrible reality that animals face in intensive farms, for how animals are required to live those few days before slaughter, to counter the horrible death journeys where the majority of animals arrive already dead at the destination and also to inquire about what is hidden behind the dairyt and egg industry. Mainly for this, to develop compassion towards other living beings. Our health will be better, because farmed animals eat toxic substances, both for them and for us, and they are full of antibiotics. Go vegan for the environment and also to fight hunger in the world, because if you inform yourself well you will discover that the difference in level in the third world countries is due to farming..

Why choose Vegan? For all these reasons but mainly at least as regards our choice, to be respectful of all other living beings that do not exist to be exploited and eaten by us..

RadioVeg.it is the first and only Italian radio on the side of animals that gives voice to the Vegan Italy.

A special radio for a changing world, on air 24h24. The voice of an ocean, of a revolution that is changing Italy and the world. 

The change that we hope has also to start from the plate. That is why we support the European Citizens' Initiative for VEGAN MEAL.

It is extremely important to ask that 100% cruelty free alternatives are always present in the public and private places in Europe. In addition to care for the salvation of all cretures sacrificed in the name of culinary traditions that no longer have any sense of existence, the planet is also close to our hearts because it can no longer support the demand for animal products that cause pollution and environmental collapse. We also want to remind you that switching to a balanced 100% vegetable diet prevents most diseases and keeps us healthy. 

We are aware that not everyone is able to make this change of diet yet, but, on the other hand, the time has come for those who have already switched to an ethical and 100% cruelty-free lifestyle that no longer have to go crazy because the restaurant world is not in step with the times. The decision has to come from above. The institutions are called to ensure that in public and private places of distribution or sale of food there are always 100% cruelty free alternatives. Maybe making easily available the vegan alternatives,  the omnivores will also try the 100% cruelty free alternatives and will be able to change their diet too.

Therefore, from 5th April also RadioVeg.it invites everyone to sign up for the European Citizens' Initiative for VEGAN MEAL, i.e. the Initiative for a vegan alternative lways available everywhere.

To listen to the interview done to present this initiative, here is the link: https://bit.ly/3HXQDMo

To listen to RadioVeg.it, just go to www.radioweb.it/player or download ours for free app for IOS, Android or Huawei.

RadioVeg.it. is present on social networks and on the major music and podcast platforms.

Contact redazione@radioveg.it

RadioVeg.it On air 24h24



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