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The Europen Citizens’ Initiative VEGAN MEAL for those who are vegan, for those who would like to become vegan, for those who respect the right to the vegan alternative and to take action for climate change offering an easier access to plant-based food to the EU consumers in their daily life.


The Europen Citizens’ Initiative VEGAN MEAL suggests the action of all the European Governments to start with lowering retail prices of fruits and vegetables, thus investing for the health of the population and supporting plant-based food production in Europe.

Vegan Stories

II was surrounded by interesting animals. They all "gave" something: the farm horse pulled the plough, the lighter horse pulled the trap, the cows "gave" milk, the hens "gave" eggs and the cockerel was a useful "alarm clock" - I didn't realise at that time that he had another function, too. The sheep "gave" wool. I could never understand what the pigs "gave", but they seemed such friendly creatures - always glad to see me.

- Donald Watson

Why Choose Vegan

Kindness for all the animals raised and killed for food, clothing, or other such uses.
Vegan For Future
Eat vegan to tackle climate change, biodiversity loss and water pollution. 
20+ Reasons
Enjoy vegan lifestyle, a lovely compassionate choice for people, animals and the environment.  

Let The Number Speak Vegan

European Countries
Theshold Countries

Vegan-friendly Tips

The hope to consider the plant kingdom as the only food source and the return to a natural lifestyle. Enjoy vegan daily!
Why Vegan? Ethical, Healthy and Environmental Choice
All animals are living, feeling creatures who might suffer. Enjoy vegan to tackle climate change. People, animals and the environment.
What Do Vegans Eat? A Wide Variety of Delicious Foods
When I eat fruit and vegetables, I feel lightness and strenght. Thanks to the nature that gives us the best energy with plant-based food.
Live Vegan for Less Seasonal Plant-based Food on a Budget

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